Laser 5112 Diesel Smoke Meter


Simple test for reading levels of smoke emitted from diesels.

  • Same technology as used in MOT smoke meters.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Green for pass | red for fail.
  • No batteries required and fully portable.
  • 12volt onboard connection.



Laser 5248 Trailer Socket Tester


 New tool for testing the tow bar connections for trailers | caravans. • New MOT requirement from January 2012 • Tests brake lights, side lights, fog lights and indicators (right and left)

  • 13 pin trailer socket tester
  • MOT and VOSA Approved EINTE17860A0611038
  • Self testing facility
  • British made
  • Essential tool


 Gunson 77028 Glow Plug Tester


This simple yet essential test only takes between 3-6 seconds, depending on the type of Glow plug yet gives vital information on the state and performance. Tests at 6/17amps. Only to be used on 12 volt DC systems

  • Only takes 3-6 seconds
  • Gives vital information on the state and performance of the glow plugs
  • Tests at 6/17amps
  • Only to be used on 12 volt DC systems
  • Great to help save time



Boston Bison Heat Inductor


Very fast, precise heating is achieved by the unique
characteristics of radio frequency energy. It avoids the use
of gas bottles and open flames. It is a non-contact heating
process, which benefits issues of health, safety and insurance.
Suitable in automotive workshops for rusted or seized nuts,
bolts, steering and suspension parts, bearings, gears, pulleys,
sensors, manifolds, U bolts, body trims, windscreen removal,
surface dent repairs, and numerous other uses.
The BISON design, construction and power capacity
provide a reliable tool with advanced technology,
and is considered the leading induction tool of its
range available in Europe. Heat Inductor.pdf 




Boston Trailer Socket Tester

It is used to check the 13-pin electrical towing sockets that are fitted to vehicles with tow-bars. If the sockets are faulty, then secondary lights fitted to the trailer or caravan may not work correctly. BTT-111 checks the output from each pin on the socket and determines its operation. 
With the majority of caravans and trailers still using conventional 7-pin sockets, BTT-111 is supplied as standard with an adapter plug to ensure complete coverage of the market. It has a membrane keypad with integrated LED indicators to signify correct output when the vehicle controls are operated, and aTEST button is also included in order to illuminate the LEDs and check the tool is operating correctly prior to testing the vehicle.
BTT-111 is fitted with an internal battery enabling the TEST feature to operate without the presence of power (not available from 7-pin sockets). When using the TEST feature on a 13-pin socket, the battery is automatically bypassed and power is taken directly from the vehicle, thus increasing battery life. 


LE1000 Induction Heating System



  • Uses: Automotive, construction, farm implement, industrial, marine.
  • Flameless heat reduces the need for torches, solvents and abrasives
  • Less flame and less solvents reduces potential safety hazards
  • Fast, effortless removal of glass, emblems, bonded body components, rusty nuts & bolts, bearings/races, pins, gears, pulleys, Exhausts, Windscreens, Decals, Bump Strips, Door skins, paint and much more User manual low res.pdf


4 Gas Emission Anayliser


 Developed 4 Gas Anayliser with a simple one button operation


 Lupson Electronics ABS/EBS Tester


The handheld unit tests for the most six common EBS and ABS faults: 

- Correct Ohms resistance
- Open circuit
- Short circuit
- Pole ring tooth damage
- Pole ring misalignment
- Sensor gap measurement


Lupson Electronics Airbag Emulator


A handheld unit for testing airbag faults.
Plug in the circuit instead of the pre tensioner or airbag, turn on the ignition and turn the knobs on the unit to go through the resistance. The airbag light will go out if you have the correct resistance.

Lupson Electronics Trailer Socket Tester


A 13 pin trailer socket tester used to test the electrical towing sockets that are fitted to vehicles with tow-bars.


Tecalemit Play Detector Torch


Lupson Electronics designed and Manufacture the Tecalemit Play Detector Torch.

Capable of operating the Play Detector Equipment at the same time as the torch is being used.


Halo Cocktail Slush Machine


Lupson Electronics brightens up the standard dull slush machines by fitting LED strip lights to each machine.

The machines then find a place in a cocktail bar / club.

Industrial 15Kw Induction Heater