Lupson Electronics is a family owned business which began trading in 2002. Douglas Lupson started the business from scratch and, along side him, had his son Ben Lupson, 19 years of age at the time, working for him.

Doug and Ben worked very closely together, concentrating on supplying the garage equipment trade with cable looms and soon after, repairing garage equipment. This was Doug and Bens background, working for a Garage Equipment firm, before they started Lupson Electronics. 

Doug has many years of experience in electronics and has been passing his knowledge over to his son Ben which has helped the business to grow. By throwing ideas to one another, Doug and Ben could offer a much more than they were offering and began to design and assemble products for their customers, this in turn also opened doors for product assembly and panel wiring. At the current time, Ben is now a Partner of the firm along side his farther Doug, and they are still both working very closely together to get new products designed and assembled for their Clients.

They also have an experienced team working for them and have met some really interesting people along the journey. Doug and Ben are very proud of Lupson electronics and all that they have achieved together and look forward to meeting you to help fulfill your requirements. 

Lupson electronics also support the RNLI (Douglas Lupson on the left Ben Lupson next to him on the right)