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Lupson electronics have been designing and manufacturing electronic
products and cable wiring loom assemblies for partner customers
both within the UK and overseas since 2002.

With our years of experience, design knowledge and manufacturing skills, we offer customers more than just a sub-contract design and assembly service.

Our service is competitive leading edge, top quality products for the market.

Lupson electronics would be delighted to meet with any potential client who has a manufacturing requirement for a product or cable looms low to high volume of electronic assembly.

We have fully automatic wire cut, strip and crimping machines able to produce 3000 wires an hour knowing that each wire is consistently made.


With the brief for your new electronic product design and production product, Lupson Electronics can then go on to give you the edge over your competitors in terms of price, not to mention the opportunity to harvest the electronic product development skills and manufacturing experience behind our team.

Our clients actually enjoy working with us, safe in the knowledge that their most important project will make it to market on time and at budget that will create unprecedented profit. After all we've been doing this Since 2002.